If the antebellum period of American history was a time of seeking and becoming, the postbellum era was a time of seeing and being.

The Civil War, which ended in 1865, had largely resolved the division between the northern and southern states, and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 marked the fulfillment of the country’s “manifest destiny,” at least in practical terms. Now that the period of division and expansion was largely over, America began to take shape as its modern self: a pluralistic, industrialized, and commercial society. (1.Mark Canada)
The majority of the RVA postbellum housing is in the historic district located along West Main Street. On 1323 W. Main St. lies Postbellum, a dining concept that has taken the definition of the word and built Richmond’s newest concept. The owners have created a menu that pays homage to postbellum cooking procedures, recipes, and styles. Then, they modernize the end product to give you an incredible variety of taste sensations. As for the building itself, we have worked extremely hard to change the layout and feel of the old Mulligans spot, yet use as much of the old materials as possible. The deck bar top is the refinished bar top of the old down stairs bar. The new main bar, supply room bar and all of the downstairs table and booth tops were made from the flooring that once raised the bar area. The booths and bar faces were constructed with reclaimed doors from various RVA locations. Our woodworker Lee  Dijoseph…. did an amazing job!
With 20 true craft beers on tap in the main dining room and the deck, plus 6 boutique drafts in the Supply room, Postbellum aims to satisfy both your dining and drinking palates.<


About Our Chef: Kevin Church

I grew up loving the kitchen, it was my favorite room in the house.. My mom was always happy when she was cooking, and was always happy to teach me what she was doing, and have a taste from her wood spoon.
The most influential food experiences in my childhood came from the Atlantic; black bass line caught off the beach in Connecticut, and foraging for shellfish in Maine. The friends and family I shared these experiences with knew that we were eating good food, but no one got giddy, stupid excited the way I did. Food and the social aspect of eating have always been very important to me.
I have only ever worked in kitchens; since I was 15 and washed dishes at the Italian restaurant down the road from my house.  I saw how much the chefs there enjoyed their work and their lives and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I went to culinary school at Johnson & Wales in Providence, worked at great local restaurants  and learned from everyone and everything I could.
My experience as a Chef started at Mockingbird in Staunton  where we cooked local, casual food in a restaurant/music venue.  I then branched out to Chicago where I found Owen & Engine.  The British gastropub gained notoriety for our high end pub classics like fish & chips, burgers (one of the best in Chicago), and an amazing lineup of house cured charcuterie.   I also mastered brunch techniques while at Southport Grocery & Café, a modern, simple and fun café with in-house made preserves and baked goods.
I am excited to be back in Virginia to plant roots and contribute to the RVA community.  My favorite part about Postbellum right away is that everyone genuinely cares about each other and the customers.  That’s something I look forward to being a part of.

Posted on: November 30, 2013
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Postbellum is open daily from 3:30 pm to 2:00 am | 1323 West Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220
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